Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mama's Baby

 Believe it or not, THIS big 7 year old
used to be THIS cute little guy!
 and I have the pictures on a scrapbook page to prove it! ;)

Another great thing about My Digital Studio.... it is the easiest way to go back in time, dig into your older photos and get them properly showcased for your family's enjoyment! These photos are from 2006. That was right about the time that my previous scrapbooking addiction slowed down almost to a screeching halt (the fourth baby sure does limit your free time!) Anyway, I do not feel overwhelmed to get back in there and get those photos on pages and those stories told because My Digital Studio makes it so easy!
BTW this layout is a project from Heather Summers' My Digital Studio Made Simple 2 online class. She is so inspirational! Scroll back to my older blog posts or message me if you are interested in more information.
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