Friday, June 15, 2012

QandA: Wheel Stamps & Ink

For today's post, I am going to answer a customer question that I received today.

Do I need an ink cartridge to use a wheel stamp, or can I just use an ink pad?
You certainly don't need an ink cartridge. In fact there are a few different options for using a wheel stamp without it (Hmmmm.... I see some future blog posts here!). It all depends on the expected result!

Stampin' Up! has designed a great product in the wheel stamps/handles/ink cartridges combo. The spring loaded action of the cartridge ensures an even, consistent inking of your stamp as you roll along.
If you roll your wheel stamp (minus the cartridge) back a forth several times over an ink pad (the method I am assuming my customer was planning to use), you will get complete coverage of the rubber for a one time pass of the wheel. But after that point, the ink will begin to fade in intensity as is expected with the stamping off technique.
In the picture below, I have demonstrated a comparison of the effect of wheel stamping with a cartridge and without:
I used the Music Notes Wheel 120327 and Stampin' Around Standard Handle 102971, along with an Uninked Stampin' Around Standard Cartridge 101529 inked with a Real Red Classic Stampin' Ink Refill 103287 (top image), and a Real Red Classic Stampin' Pad 126949 (bottom image). I stamped onto Whisper White cardstock. You can clearly see that the top image is much more even and consistent. The bottom image shows the fade. I, personally, prefer the reliably even result from using the inked cartridge (my favorite cartridge to use is Versamark!), but I can think of 2 times when the ink-pad-only method would work for me:

1. If I am only wheeling on a very short space, like the 4 1/4 end of a card,
2. If the wheel stamp I am using is a grungy or vintage design to begin with, in which case the fading of the ink would add to the design. I tried my demo with the Very Vintage Jumbo wheel & found this to be true.

So, my thought are.... no, you don't need a cartridge to ink your wheel stamp, but it delivers a much better result to use one over just an ink pad alone. You decide, based on your desired results, which method would work for you.
I hope this information has been helpful to you in some way.

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